Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Angry Birds Cake

I've been a busy bee...and I love it.  Now that I've successfully completed one complicated cake (aka a wedding cake), all I want to do is decorate cakes.  Truth be told, I did not make this actual sheet cake.  That is compliments of Costco.  I did however make all of the Angry Birds decorations!  

Last week,  a few of my co-workers asked me if I'd be willing to make decorations for an "Angry Birds" birthday cake.  I'm not one to say no, especially when it comes to a challenge.  Before I actually said "yes", I looked up a few pictures online to see what I could come up with.  Then I sketched out my idea, presented it to them, and voila-I was hired!  They assured me I didn't have to make the actual cake part, which is a good thing because it was only three days ago that I made the wedding cake and wasn't quite ready to do it again.

I made everything out of fondant except for the logs/bricks which are tootsie rolls.  I had some leftover pre-made green fondant from the succulents that I used for the grass and the little green guys.  Then I started with basic white fondant and added Wilton gel food coloring to make the other colors.  

Not going to lie, the eyes and eyebrows on each of the birds and green creatures (what are they? pigs?!) were the most difficult part of this whole thing.  It took many attempts to get them to stick to the body rather than my fingers, but perseverance is key!

Now that I'm on a fondant kick, I've already got pictures and ideas for upcoming October birthdays....get ready. 


  1. That is really cute! Great job, Tara!

  2. They look amazing! I can't wait to see more of your stuff!